We have witnessed major industry reforms due to the fourth industrial revolution which is characterized by technological innovations like robotics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), nanotechnology, IOT (Internet of Things), Blockchain, Big data, etc.. These technological innovations open up new opportunities by offering smart and efficient solutions for many businesses. Coupled with globalization, technological innovations enable firms expand their business beyond national borders. The impacts are also spreading to other sectors once considered as conservative like finance and insurance. New developments called FinTech and InsurTech have big impacts on financial industries. While financial consumers have more choice and convenience at a lower cost, it is becoming increasingly difficult to value the risk of complex financial products or services. As a result, regulators in financial industry are facing new challenges in the age of globalization and rapid technological advances.

The ASEAN-Korea Financial Development Forum 2019 “Impacts of Technological Innovations on Businesses and Insurance Sector in the Age of Globalization”, which is a joint effort of the School of Industrial Management (Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology) and the Graduate School of Global Insurance and Pension (Sungkyunkwan University)

This International Forum aims at gathering academics and industry experts from different countries to discuss new opportunities and threats created by technological innovations in various fields of businesses, particularly in finance and insurance sector. In addition, risk management and insurance regulation issues will also be discussed.

It is an honor and privilege to invite you to join with us in this International Forum to discuss directly and network with professional from around the world.

Dean Duong Nhu Hung, SIM, HCMUT (host)

Dean Hongjoo JUNG, GSGIP, SKKU (organizer)

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